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Five Lustrous Glass-Walled Spaces Inspired by Greenhouses

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It's not hard to see why greenhouse-inspired architecture has been cropping up all over recently. After all, what's not to love about wall-to-wall windows, a profusion of natural light, and botanicals aplenty? Conservatory-inspired architecture often times has a gloriously open, one-with-the-world feel.

Here's an example: The new office digs of the design and architecture firm OpenAD, above, has got the requisite planes of glass, but also an open plan dotted with live trees, "mini-greenhouse zig-zags" between the desks, and crisp, floating sofas and amorphic work tables. The overall effect is to breathe life into an environment usually reserved for gray cubes and stale coffee.

? Three translucent huts sit on top of the partially underground home in Yamasaki, Japan. The greenhouse-like structures, showcased on Design Milk and designed by Yo Shimada of Tato Architects are made from polycarbonate sheets that let in lots of light.

? The living room of this kind of wonderful Paris apartment has an expanse of window panes that peer into the garden. If the greenhouse-like facade isn't enough to make any home enthusiast swoon, the haberdashery-turned-residence has a slew of other neat features, like a funky bathroom inspired by an old-timey train car, a couple of bizarre bronze faucets and a wall-to-wall skylight in the master bedroom.

? With at least two walls made from floor-to-ceiling windows, the kitchen of Graine and Ficelle B&B in Saint-Jeannet, France, has the added bonus of easy aeration for those times homemade cuisine is, erm, extra-well-done.

? This tiny glass-walled home may look like a like a run-of-the-mill greenhouse, but its interior gives away that it merely arboretum-inspired. Inside the garden house is an open-plan kitchen, a dining area, and a living room with a reading nook.

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