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Come See A Bonanza of Bad Design in the Malibu Hills

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This sprawling Malibu villa, listed for $34.8M, is a veritable cornucopia of odious decor choices. It seems the owner, a no-name with a penchant for putting his gilded initials on the gate, was a little overwhelmed by all the interior design decisions to be made for his 9,000-square-foot mansion, on 1.77 hillside acres. The brokerbabble calls it "European flair," but with—count 'em—five Indian Buddhas, four wall-mounted weapons, three elephant heads, two nonsensical murals, and one whole-room homage to Charlie Chaplin, that "flair" is actually a rather unpalatable potpourri of global influences. Though, truly, the most disappointing part is not the overworked design, but rather the fact that some pretty sweet features, including a lovely Scandinavian ceramic stove, get lost in the all the hubbub.

· 21500 Calle Del Barco [Redfin]