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Eccentric Estate of the Late Phyllis Diller Listed For Sale

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About a month after her death, the home that belonged to the wild-haired, super-eccentric, utterly zany actress and comedian Phyllis Diller has come on the market in Los Angeles. According to the Los Angeles Times, Diller bought the place in 1965, "personalized it to reflect her varied pursuits," and humorously named many of the 22 rooms: the living room, or the Bob Hope Salon, has an oil portrait that accounts for its title, and the Bach Room, her office, contains her grand piano. There's the Canary Suite (guest bedroom) and Scarlet Sculler (kitchen), each named for their respective colors, "a mirrored telephone room called the John Wiles Booth," plus "a powder room named the Edith Head for the Academy Award-winning costume designer."

Now, some dry stats: the house, built in 1914 on 1.23 acres, measures 9,266 square feet and has eight bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a central kitchen where Diller used to make her famous "garbage soup" and "heart burn salad." Her son, who plans to auction off the home's contents, has listed it for $12.9M. Surely the buyer can negotiate to keep a few of those fabulous wigs and costumes.

· 163 South Rockingham Ave., Los Angeles [Redfin]
· Phyllis Diller lived here and named many of the rooms [LA Times]