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$37M Jackson Listing Casts Off Ranch, Keeps Huge Mansion

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Location: Jackson, Wy.
Price: $37,000,000
The Skinny: Many of the high-priced properties in the cowboy-influenced mountain resort of Jackson, Wyo. are working ranches, with herds of cattle and reams of employees, but not this $37M estate. While it does boast a healthy "119 park-like acres," none of them seem to be in use commercially, leaving this place as a fancy place to enjoy the outdoors and, for that matter, the indoors. The ample interiors measure nearly 14,000 square feet and pack in a wide range of features, like a home cinema, a recording studio, a two-story library, a billiards room with bar, spa-style steam shower and sauna, a fully-equipped gym, and an indoor pool. As if that wasn't enough, there's also a 3,850-square-foot guest house on the property. Of course, all of this is done up in a rather played-out, vaguely Western theme that includes raw wood beams on the ceiling and chandeliers made of elk antlers.
· 3000 N. Riva Ridge Road [Zillow]