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Here Now, Minuscule Houses Inspired by Blighted Buildings

Oh how strange the art world can be. First there was an abandoned home made into a life-sized dollhouse, and now here's a series of houses small enough for dolls yet made to look like abandoned homes. NYC-based artist Ofra Lapid created "Broken Houses," photographs of tiny model homes made to look like neglected and weather-torn buildings. Lapid—who says her work is often inspired by photos she finds on the Internet—constructed the intricate models in 2010 after coming across the work of a North Dakota photographer obsessed with chronicling the demise of old structures. The result, featured recently on Laughing Squid, is a rather impressive (not to mention haunting) display of faux-decay, complete with crumbling brick, punched-out windows, and streaky, sun-bleached paint.

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