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Disney Architecture: Early Sketches of Cinderella's Tower

Here now, painstakingly detailed sketches of Cinderella's tower, which were prototypes of the ones used in the 1950 movie. The drawings are by animation veteran and Disney "Imagineer" Ken Anderson, who, in his 44 years at Disney, created scenes in classics like Snow White, Pinocchio, and The Jungle Book. These drawings, as well as the others on display over on Flavorwire today, are a testament to Disney's commitment the details. Have a look at that weathervane-like ornamentation at the tippy-top of the tower or, below, the half-melted candle on the bedside table. Viewers are supposed to feel bad for the film's flaxen-haired cast-off, but in admiring her tower apartment—the word "penthouse" would be all over the brokerbabble, for sure—it's OK to be a little jealous of the exposed beams and exquisite castle view. Now if only somebody would make like Up obsessives and tackle a real-life replica.

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