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Watch a Guy in a Speedo and Socks Market a House

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Well, this exists: a home that's not above having the broker masquerade around it in a Speedo and socks. It's located in Australia, a land that has seen its fair share of naked-ish real estate marketing adventures before, so this really doesn't come as a huge surprise. Anyway, listed for $257K AUD (roughly $268K USD), the three-bedroom townhouse has "a quiet tropical setting where you can relax and unwind." Plus, of course, it's "sizzling," so hot, in fact, that "you gotta take your gear off before you get inside." Watch the 30-second promo below and—spoiler alert!—look out for another bikini-clad individual who makes a cameo.

The Video:

· Unit 11, 3 Highgate Place, Maroochydore Queensland [YouTube]