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Mitt Romney's House Canonized on Rhinestone Tank Top

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Just for fun (or something?), Top Ten Real Estate Deals has launched a poll to determine which is nicer: President Obama's permanent home in Chicago (which be bought for $1.65M in 2005) or Mitt Romney's stone-and-wood estate on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire (which be bought for $3M in 1997). "Surely the candidates' choice of their personal home(s) should be an important part of the election debate," a rep writes in. "So, we decided the heck with the issues and the craziness. Our Guarantee: We will predict the results of the 2012 presidential election!" Speaking of crazy: anyone for a "limited collectors edition shirt," perhaps with rhinestone detailing? Strangely, the Obama T-shirt depicts not his Chicago place but the White House, and the Romney one depicts his massive La Jolla, Calif., property—you know, the one with that car elevator.

· The Great Political House-Off [Top Ten Real Estate Deals]