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Here Now, a Tour Through Gloria Steinem's Apartment

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Women's lib heroine Gloria Steinem gave Oprah a tour of her Manhattan apartment for a recent segment of Oprah's Next Chapter, and, as The Jane Dough astutely points out, it may "make you hate her." That's because Steinem and some friends bought the whole building for $160K toward the end of the '80s—"this would cost you millions now," Oprah smartly observes after just-as-smartly calling the place "nesty." Inside it's "just how you imagine her to live: kind of bohemian chic, bursting with color and filled with eclectic treasures" as well as "mementos and artwork documenting the women's movement over the years." Fun fact: this living room here where Steinem launched Ms. Magazine in 1972. A video tour, below.

The Video:

· Gloria Steinem's New York City Apartment—Oprah's Next Chapter [YouTube via The Jane Dough]