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Beachfront Retreat for Retired Priests to be Sold at Auction

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Crushed under more than $17M in debt, the Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia has decided to part with what must seem like a pretty extraneous property: a beachfront vacation home for retired priests, just a couple miles south of Atlantic City. Sold to the church for peanuts by a charitable family back in the '60s, the 9,800-square-foot beachside villa boasts ten bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, and a rare half-acre lot. There's no swimming pool on the property—either because priests don't like getting wet or because the water table is just too close to the surface here—but the broad porches on the second floor enjoy picture-perfect views over the dunes. Assessed at $6.3M, the massive mansion goes to auction on September 15.
· Villa by the Sea [Max Spann via Top Ten Real Estate Deals]