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A Look Inside the World's Five Largest Charter Yachts

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Photos: Burgess Yachts

Owning a huge yacht can be very expensive, even by the standards of their billionaire and centa-millionaire owners—and are perhaps the best case for "Rent, Don't Buy"—but, like the relatively plebeian Florida condo, they can be rented out to defray the cost of maintenance. With price tags north of $100M, the five largest yachts available for charter aren't going to come cheap, even when rented by the week. The Nero, a 296-foot yacht that spends summers cruising the Mediterranean and winters in the Caribbean, is available for $531K per week in high seasons. It might only be the world's fifth largest charter yacht, but Nero has space for 12 guests in opulent staterooms, a crew of 21, a swimming pool, a gym, a jacuzzi, and four jet skis for in-port fun.

? The fourth-largest charter yacht in the world, the 311-foot Indian Empress, is currently owned by billionaire Indian industrialist Vijay Mallya, but was originally built in 2000 for the prolific spenders in the Qatari royal family. Available for weekly charter in the Mediterranean for an astounding $759K per week, the Indian Empress boasts 16 staterooms (though only 12 guests are permitted at a time), 30 crew members, six Jet Skis, scuba gear for 12, and a full gym. More interior photos are available at the charter website.

? Perhaps the most storied motor yacht of all time, the Christina O once belonged to shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis, who entertained movie stars and dignitaries on the 325-foot converted Canadian naval ship. Today, the yacht, which fell into disrepair while under the ownership of the Greek government, has been totally renovated by a family friend of the Onassis family. It is available for charter by the day and the week, charging $575K per week for up to 30 guests.

? Somewhere between the 325-foot Christina O and this ship's 385-feet, the line between yacht and cruise ship has been crossed. Based in Greece, the Turama costs some $114K per day, that's a jaw-dropping $798K per week. Of course, that massive cost means securing plenty of ship for a luxe corporate retreat, with space for 70 guests in 43 staterooms. The clunky lines of this yacht might not be too romantic, but corporate retreats shouldn't be about romance anyway.

? And now, for the largest charter yacht available on the planet: the 400-foot Alexander. The blue-hulled ship is based in Greece and charges $797K per week. For that, the renters get space for 80 guests in 40 cabins, an elaborate bar, a swimming pool, helipad, and some seriously 80s decor. The fact that the yacht is woefully in need of a refit obviously hasn't lowered the price.

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