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Amazon Users Vouch for Magical Home-Selling Figurine

Got $5.35 to spend and a home on the market? Please turn your attention to The Authentic St. Joseph Home Sale Practice, currently available on Amazon with the following product description: "If you bury him upside down near the 'for sale' sign, in the back yard, or in a flower pot, and then say a little prayer, then your house will sell." A woman in Accord, N.Y., was recently given one by a friend and was able to finally sell the cottage that she'd been trying to unload for a year. "How can I not believe?" she told AOL Real Estate.

All manufacturer's caveats aside—"there is no guarantee of a sale, this is a legend and it works for some so have fun and see if it works for you"—the figurine works! Really, it does: 35 of the 52 current reviews are 5-star ones with the highest of praise. "We tried to sell our house for 6 years and never had an offer," writes one commenter. "We buried this statue by the for sale sign and my wife said the prayer a few times. We had an offer in less that a month and two back up offers and 7 viewings." Another: "Yes it worked. In less than 24 hours after being on the market for 2 YEARS I had a contract on my house." And: "House was on the market for 8 months without even 1 offer. Bought and buried Saint Joseph statue the day before and open house and I got an offer that night of the open house. Settlement is in 6 days. Can't wait to dig him up and thank him properly." Keep on reading.

· The Authentic St. Joseph Home Sale Practice [ via AOL Real Estate]