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Offered for the First Time in A Century, Chappy's Golf Course

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Location: Chappaquiddick, Mass.
Price: $12,500,000
The Skinny: Any 18-acre waterfront compound on the Martha's Vineyard annex of Chappaquiddick is a rare find, but this $12.5M compound is the only plot on the island that includes a private golf course. First constructed by Frank Marshall in the early 1900s, the golf course has not been for sale since, and is currently bundled with a five-bedroom camp-style home of the same era, a one-bedroom guest cottage, and a bunk house. The dock, which extends out into the bay, is a highly-desirable feature, but McMansion builders take note, the owners are only seeking a "a family or small group who share an appreciation for a special place and will continue this generational legacy."
· 35 North Neck [Landvest]