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Take to the Skies with One of These Private Airport Estates

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Today's House of the Day might have included a pretty impressive garage space for exotic sports cars, but these five properties do one better, by allowing the owner to store and fly a private aircraft. Better yet, buyers need not spend exorbitant amounts of cash to secure these private airports, like aviation enthusiast and actor John Travolta did when he bought the largest lot at Ocala, Fla.'s Jumbolair development, where he now parks his personal 707 airliner, for $4.9M. This hanger with lofty residential space, located within the Heaven's Landing Airpark development in Clayton, Ga., is listed for a far more reasonable $590K. That price includes a 1.5-acre lot, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and access to a 5,000-foot runway, just out front. The runway might not be quite as long as the one at Antelope Run Ranch, but this place can be had for a fraction of the price.

? In Palm City, Fla., just north of Palm Beach, this ten-acre estate combines the convenience of its own airport with the dated opulence of a 7,500-square-foot, mid-'90s mansion. Behind the columned, four-bed, seven-bath main house lies a terraced swimming pool, a large pond, and the large hanger that leads out onto a taxiway with access to a "lighted paved runway." That runway is part of the Naked Lady Ranch Airport, but apparently that name was too low brow to be included in the $3M listing.

? Floridians seem to have a thing for flying their own aircraft, as our next airport estate comes from West Palm Beach, where the Wellington Aero Club happily neighbors the areas many run-of-the-mill country clubs. This $2.5M estate sits, fittingly, on Windsock Way, and directly adjoins the grassy taxiway. The five-bedroom mansion is fully equipped on the inside too, with a high-tech Crestron home automation system and a home theater with seating for 13, an 110-inch projection screen, and a LED ceiling display that resembles the night sky.

? Maine might not have the reliably good flying weather of Florida, but the remote location of this woodlands estate in Lincolnville—on Penobscott Bay, nearly 3.5 hours from Boston by car—makes flying an attractive proposition. The 28-acre estate has only a sloped grass landing strip, making night landing nearly impossible, but the 2007 main house sweetens the deal with 4,700 square feet, four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a three-car attached garage, all for $949K.

? Where in Florida, those looking for a private home with aircraft hanger are largely limited to purpose-built developments, Californians, naturally, have a more free-wheeling approach. Take this 3,700-square-foot retreat in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Listed for close to $1.6M, the house sits on the edge of the Swansboro County airport, a paved strip with several houses on the periphery. Built in 2007, this is among the nicest, with four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a wrap-around covered porch, a chef's kitchen, and even a TV that retracts into a dresser at the base of the master bed.

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