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Buy a Wacky Texas House With Wine-Cork Floors for $90K

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For scads less than $100K, a lucky buyer in Huntsville, Texas, can snatch up this—cue the brokerbabble—"world famous" home designed and constructed by "visionary builder Dan Phillips." The catch? Well, Phillips is considered a visionary because he builds houses out of garbage. Animal bones, mirror shards, and other landfill-destined material make it into the master builder's homes, which are then sold to low-income families hand-picked by Phillips himself. This little Charleston House, asking $89,900? The 935-square-foot home features floors made of wine cork, a fence imbued with empty wine bottles, and a myriad of '70s-style mosaics peppering the dark interior. Listen, upcycling is a fabulous thing—and everybody likes looking at homes composed of Heineken bottles or covered in gems, buttons, and glass—but sometimes it can be hard to see the line between eco-savvy, kooky artistry, and, well, Crazytown. Even this three-bedroom is a mix of all three—admittedly much, much more livable than the no-holds-barred, 60-ton Cathedral of Junk in Austin, Texas. Anywho, more shots of the home, above.

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