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Read a List of 'House Rules' From World's Worst Landlord

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Congrats to Londoner Laura Evelyn for stumbling upon what just might be the world's worst landlord; after scouting a house share recently, Evelyn was given a list of 31 "house rules" she found absurd enough to post on Twitter. (Reddit and The Huffington Post both caught wind.)

Anyway, some highlights: "Showers cannot last longer than 15 minutes in morning and evenings between 6am and 10pm also between 7pm and 10pm"; "there is NO LIVING ROOM INCLUDED ONLY ROOM so if you sit in kitchen area which is MY PERSONAL LIVING SPACE you must eat then wash up and go back to room"; and "visitors must be in your room and CANNOT stay the night unless discussed with me before hand." As Evelyn later Tweeted, "The pork sanction was the deal-breaker. I could've handled the shower/sleep/cooking/existing allowances."

· @LauraEvelyn1 [Twitter via HuffPo]