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West Coast Quietly Filling Back Up With Snow, East Thaws Out

After the general hammering of much of the country during the holidays, with storm totals in some parts breaking 100 inches, a high pressure system pushed the storms out and calmed the winds, producing a sunny, cold lull just in time for us all to nurse our hangovers on New Year's Day. The East Coast is now getting its January thaw a tad early, with snow set to melt in much of the valleys thanks to warm and rain coming in tonight, but once that's over, it'll snap back to winter temps. Then the foot to two feet of snow that has painted a fresh coat of white on ski hills from Northstar to Alta to Jackson to Aspen will gently drift eastward and bless New England with another powdery mix. For the moment, enjoy the relative tranquility of eight to fifteen inches in this week's gallery of the finest moments on snow across the country.