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Buy a 50-Sq-Foot 'House Truck Gypsy Wagon' For $2,500

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Oh, Oregon. Will the world ever get sick of your offbeat, self-serious, and slightly unhinged antics? Will there ever be a day when you will be known for something other than quirky hipsters and, perhaps, clandestine meth labs? Let's hope not. The latest eccentricity to come out of the Beaver State: a "house truck gypsy wagon" on the market in Eugene for $2,500. (Some perspective: that's a whopping $10K less than New York's rather inexpensive schoolbus house.)

Built with the "advice from a UK Romany restoration artist," or so says the property description, the vintage camper is stuffed exactly what one would expect an old-timey fortuneteller to collect: a loft bed framed in heavy maroon fabric and tassles, a random tamborine, hand-painted cabinets, and something that looks suspiciously like a crystal ball. All 50 square feet are piled onto the bed of a 1975 Dodge truck. Wait, 50? May need to review some tiny living tips before moving in. All aspiring magicians, wayfarers, and/or clairvoyants, have a look above.

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