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France's Suburban Giraffe Gets Stuck Holding Up a Building

Thanks to Hondelatte Laporte Architectes, the small children of Boulogne-Billancourt, France, get to scribble with crayons and pretend to be ninjas—kids still do those things, right?—under the watchful tutelage of a giant, canary-yellow giraffe. The cantilevered wing of the Parisian suburb's 4,844-square-foot childcare center—named, duh, Giraffe Childcare Centre—gets support from the statue's legs, while the animal's head peeks from above the upper story. Around the back, a large, globby polar bear ascends the terrace, and a parade of oversized lady bugs occupies the garden. Like all architecture designed for kids, drafting plans means grown-ups get to tap into the oddities of childhood imagination, which apparently can result in lots of white corrugated iron and wonderfully strange structural zoos. Another bonus: the whole shebang supposedly creates as much energy as it uses, though how it achieved net-zero status is unclear. More photos, below.

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