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Mammoth Bachelor Pad Champions Unintelligible 70's Design

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You would think it'd be impossible for someone to design and build a three-story house from start to finish entirely on hallucinogens. But alas, the 70's were a different era, which would explain the complete incongruence with which this Mammoth bachelor pad was conceived. No two walls, let alone rooms, seem to have any relation to each other, and many of the architectural features have little rational thought evident in their design.

For starters, it seems like a lot of work to build a full wet bar... that only seats two patrons. Or a kitchen whose ceiling appears to be salvaged from a whaling launch... or a cast-iron stove in a plain carpeted bedroom... or a depressed leopard-print lounge that barely has enough room for the legs that would theoretically occupy it, and is only inches from the fireplace. At least they carpeted the exposed beams in the billards rooms to match the corner sofa, and put a sink on the other side of the door from the bathroom sink in case, ya know, something happens to that first sink.

While the realtor is convinced the numerous (yet entirely unrelated) "antique touches" makes this gem a "must see," they also advise that several of the fireplaces are not EPA-certified. In case someone was planning on actually living here. But hey, for $400K and literally a walk down the street and through some woods to get to the Mammoth base area, you can weather some indoor air pollution, right?
· 312 John Muir Road, Mammoth Lakes, CA [Coldwell Banker Mammoth Real Estate]