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Inside Prada's 'Ideal House,' Decked by Architecture's OMA

Every so often, some of the planet's most venerable fashion labels will chasse into the realm of home design, leaving a trail lusting fashion followers and interiors buffs in their wake. Louis Vuitton once sold couture trash bags, for example, and Diane von Furstenberg has long transposed her adoration for bold prints onto dishware and home textiles. But as far as the proverbial eye can see, there's been no instances of fashion brands creating entire houses. Well, until yesterday. For last night's Fall 2013 menswear show in Milan, Prada built the Ideal House, a catwalk encased in what Refinery 29 calls "the ultimate Ken doll abode." There's not a single insignia to be found, just hard-edged furnishings—like 1960s James Bond (Sean Connery-style) was zipped into the 22nd century—steeped in a colorful crispness that reflects the collection's clean-cut vibe. Bubblegum pink swivel chairs flank a stacked coffee table, with a bright portrait of the lady of the house in the foreground. In all, the collection incorporates wood, plexiglass, metal, and paper textures. And although the "house" is not for sale, the 12-piece furniture collection, the result of a star-crossed partnership between architect Rem Koolhaas—not the first time the Italian luxury brand has teamed with Koolhaas' firm, OMA—and modern furnishings manufacturer Knoll, will be available for purchase later this year. More below.

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