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Inside the Phenomenally Cool Nightclubs of the Rat Pack Era

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Behold this other breed of midcentury design, which, uh, bears little resemblance to the stripped down, low-slung aesthetic of the period's famed modernists. Flavorwire recently dug up some impressive photos of the ultra-swank nightclubs of the Rat Pack era, which offer a peek into the original—not the reinterpreted—Old Hollywood: at Ciro's, a club on West Hollywood's Sunset Strip, thick fabric coats the walls, candelabras held up by pudgy cherubim dot the premises, and crowded tabletops nearly rub up against each other, creating a slightly noir aesthetic that begs for a big band to take the stage. Below, more Tinseltown flamboyance.

? Cocoanut Grove, inside L.A.'s Ambassador Hotel, boasted faux palm trees and Moroccan structural motifs.

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