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Dollhouses and Vacuums are Actually the Same Thing Now

A tiny home carved from a guitar? Check. Let's move on to bigger, stranger things, like these architectural miniatures built to be fully functional vacuum cleaners by Dutch artist Frank Halmans. Halmans examines the everyday home in a variety of mystifying ways, carving apartments from stacks of books and, of course, cobbling together doll-sized abodes that, well, can actually tidy up a real-life house. His dust-hoovering and hair-sucking architectural works represent how kicked-up debris—work, memories, relationships, and so on—can clog and pollute the home, otherwise a pristine sanctuary. Above: his studio rendered as a vacuum cleaner, complete with a tiny desk, stool, filing cabinet, and even project drafts on small scraps of crumpled paper. They're bits of beauty, and perhaps one of the only examples of staggeringly detailed miniatures that are purposefully—artfully, even—dirtied and abused. See a handheld-vacuum "bungalow" and a sextet of row houses below.

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