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Park City Mini-Ranch Is Built For Equine Enthusiasts

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Ski towns and horseback riding used to go hand in hand when horses where literally the only way to access snow-bound wintertime hovels like Aspen, Lake Tahoe, and Telluride, that were largely mining communities with the occasional town hill. But since Henry Ford brought the automobile, the disconnect between horse and piste has grown wider and wider, despite Steamboat's best marketing attempts. Nonetheless, this 4 bedroom mini-ranch in Park City is tailored for those rick folk who are as passionate about jumping animals as they are about jumping cliffs.

The open-concept main room brings out that horse barn feel without any of the hay, feces, or smell, and the kitchen breakfast bar even sports a homage to hitching posts of yore. A nice collection of stone fireplaces dot in the interior along with a handsome tall stone archway connecting the kitchen to the entryway that might make you dream of galloping through some faraway carriage road underpass on a rugged mare. A barn, stables, and fenced-in pastures out back with views of Park City, Deer Valley, and the Canyons round out the equestrian offerings. You can also take a gander at the video and 3D tours of "SIlver Creek Horse Heaven."
· 8816 Highfield Road, Park City, UT [Keller Williams Realty]