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Lighting Artist Frank Gehry Shows Off His Line of Fish Lamps

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Starchitect Frank Gehry—creator of mindbending urban centers and purveyor of zig-zaggy museums—is not all about single-family homes or controversial monuments. Beyond his architect exterior is a quietly nurtured passion for, uh, fish. In fact, scaled, aquatic critters find themselves in many of Gehry's works, including his jewelry line for Tiffany and his oversize public sculptures. And this month, in two galleries on two continents, a set of Gehry-designed pelagic creatures are on display in the form of lamps. Frank Gehry: Fish Lamps is a custom-lighting exhibition he's been crafting since the early 1980s; split between Beverly Hills, Calif. and Paris, it spans decades and includes pieces the 83-year-old has worked on during the last few years, lamps that are supposedly "more jagged, less perfect, and somehow, a lot more exciting," according to Co.Design. So where does this adoration come from? Well, Gehry was fed up with other architects recreating ancient Greek architecture: "Three hundred million years before man was fish [...] if you gotta go back, and you're insecure about going forward [...] go back three hundred million years ago. Why are you stopping at the Greeks?" See more below.

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