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Take Shelter in Death Valley in This Lustrous 'California Roll'

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This modern swirl of a home is the California Roll, a concept for a prefab house meant to withstand and flourish in the Golden State's most extreme desert climes. Conceived in 2011 by the architects at Violent Volumes and recently featured on Architizer—yet not actually built—the home's carbon-fiber truss frame is covered in heat-reflecting exoskeleton, with awninged windows that can be adjusted for opacity. The curl of the home's exterior, which is lined inside with fiber-reinforced plastic panels, becomes a porch. The result is a roly poly home that's, quite frankly, sleek as all hell. But, is this unbuilt passive home as awesome as, say, the also unrealized, shape-shifting abode that can fold in on itself? Pah! Doubtful, indeed. But still, its funky shape, lack of recognizable angles, and space-age appeal makes the design something worth checking out. More photos, below.

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