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Classical Business in the Front, Glassy Party in the Back

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Location: Burnsville, N.C.
Price: $1,495,000
The Skinny: Meet the mullet of houses. Set on more than seven acres of North Carolina wilderness, this five-year-old, three-bedroom spread has a front facade with classical elements like a columned portico, plus round and arched windows. Make it through the front door, though, and things get decidedly more modern. The entire rear facade is made up of a two-story expanse of glass and a sprawling minimalist patio, also with a glass railing. Not surprisingly, that leaves the interiors in a bit of a stylistic limbo, with some formal traditional furnishings mixing with a modernist table and chairs, with some rustic add-ons stuffed in for good measure. It is certainly a unique property, but if it finds the right buyer, it could justify its $1.5M asking price.
· 275 Mother Nature Dr [Zillow]