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The Lanes Bowl & Bistro Opens; Circle Back Farm; And More!

YARMOUTH PORT - Got milk? Just this week, the old Roberti Farm dairy buildings were demolished in Sandwich, having been deemed a "wicked liability." Meanwhile, the Cape's newest (and one-and-only) dairy, the 12-acre Circle Back Farm will be churning out local cows and goats milk by this summer. "It is a convoluted process with both state and federal approval needed if you're hoping to sell dairy products. They also need to adapt equipment designed for large-scale agribusiness to their smaller local farm." [; WickedLocalCapeCod]

MASHPEE - The Lanes Bowl & Bistro is officially open! According to Jeffrey Moore, president of the Bobby Byrnes Management Corp., the Mashpee Commons boutique bowling venue, " not your average bowling experience. We have created a multi-tiered concept that combines upscale dining, bowling and entertainment all in the same space. It appeals to people of all ages." [The Bulletin]

CAPE COD - The Locavore heads to the kitchen to dish up some Fish Cakes. She used cod, but any white fish will do, along with another choose-your-own-adventure magic ingredient: "Warm up a glug of fat—whatever you choose—in a large cast iron skillet." [Diary of a Locavore]