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Berthoud Pass's Broome Hut Now Open For Business

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Colorado's 10th Mountain Division hut system is one of the most cherished backcountry ski hut systems in the world, with 34 separate huts connected by 350 miles of suggested routes across the Rockies. After two years of construction work designed to replace a structurally unsound Second Creek Cabin, the new Broome Hut, which sits only a mile and a half from the hugely popular Berthoud Pass backcountry ski zone, is now open and accepting reservations.

The new hut sleeps 16 guests and has a separate area for day visitors, and sits at 11,350 feet in a zone that sees an average of 500 inches of snow annually. The project has been over 10 years in the making, and sets a high bar for off-the-grid sustainability, having been built largely out of pine beetle kill wood and using a hyper-efficient pellet stove to heat the place, solar panels for electrical needs, and a composting toilet that turns poo into healthy soil.

The Broome hut is only a mile off Highway 40, although the 800' elevation gain should generate on a healthy burn in the quads. As popular as Bethoud Pass is, reservations are likely filling up fast, so it'd be best to plan a trip ASAP.
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