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Turning $10 Ikea Bulbs Into a Stunning Work of Public Art

All curious scrub brushes and catalog SNAFUs aside, Ikea has produced a great many lovely things in recent years, from colorful train-car interiors to stylish stores on gondolas. But none of its marketing efforts have ever been quite as beautiful as this, a new lighting installation in Lisbon's Belém neighborhood. To celebrate the launch of its LED lighting, the Swedish furnishings giant commissioned Portuguese firm Like Architects to spin the $10 LEDARE bulb—more accurately, 1,200 of them—into something artistic. They're screwed in place atop 1,200 rather ordinary HEMMA floor lamp bases, and the result—"an alternative landscape and a maze of light," as Domus describes it—is nothing short of magnificent. A close-up shot, below.

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