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Super-Scientific White House 'Value' Rises to Nearly $295M

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There's always some debate about what the White House would actually cost if it were hoisted on the market in today's Washington DC real estate clime: earlier this year, online brokerage Movoto assessed its current value at $110M in cool graph thing, but that was so far from Zillow's 2011 valuation—$251,617,000—that it seemed dubious. Today Zillow reassesses the President's official residence as $294.9M, noting a 7 percent appreciation since Barack Obama took office, even though the property isn't quite as valuable as its July 2006 peak of $299.9M.

Zillow writes:
"So, what does almost $300 million buy in a home? The White House, designed in the neoclassical style by architect James Hoban and completed in 1800, has undergone numerous additions and renovations over the past 200-plus years. It currently features 55,000 square feet of indoor space, 132 total rooms, 35 bathrooms, 16 bedrooms, three kitchens and 18 acres of premium, downtown Washington, DC, land." Not that this estimate is cold, hard truth or anything, but let's suspend disbelief for a moment and imagine that Zillow's on target: $300M almost buys an Italian archipelago, and it buys more than half of the world's most expensive listing, a London mansion asking $384M. And it probably wouldn't cover the White House in full if said White House were located in, say, Manhattan. One other "factoid": if the Obamas were to lease the White House, they could earn as much as $1.75M in rent—a month.

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