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After Two Long Years, Nate Berkus Sells Chicago Condo

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The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and lo! After a series of PriceChops and nearly two full years awaiting a buyer, Nate Berkus has finally unloaded his gorgeous Chicago condo. According to the Chicago Tribune, the interior designer, whose mass-market line of home decor for Target hit shelves a few months ago, sold the seven-room unit for only $1.6M, not quite taking a loss on the place—he purchased it for $1.5M in 2003—but not selling it for nearly what he'd hoped. Berkus originally listed the home for $2.65M in Jan. 2011 and opened his doors to Elle Decor soon after, describing his experience discovering the nearly 4,000-square-foot, full-floor apartment: "I walked into the living room, saw the lake out the window, and was like, 'Okay,'" he recalls. "It was one of those times when you realize, 'This is where I belong.'" And while that black-and-white Madeline Weinrib rug may have been moved to his Manhattan duplex—recently published in Architectural Digest—the unnamed new buyer will still enjoy some Berkus flourishes, including a custom English tub, amid original details like the metal kitchen cabinetry.

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