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25 Homesites Open At "Snowbound" Sugar Bowl Development

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Hoping to entice luxury ski home buyers with dreamy images of loading the snowcat with the kids and climbing into the white great beyond to a personal ski lodge far away from the parking lot plebeians, The Village at Sugar Bowl is advertising itself as the "nation's only snowbound village." Shining jokes aside, the "snowbound" title is a little exaggerated, as the main parking lot is still just a few minutes' hike on snowshoe. Not to mention that both Alta, Utah and Washington's Crystal Mountain have had snowcat access-only housing for awhile. At any rate, it should make going out for creamer a little bit more interesting.

There's actually a big mix of buying options, from base-area condos to townhomes and fresh lots. The quarter-acre lots are starting around $475K, with slopeside chalets going for up to $3.2 million. All "snowbound" homeowners also get access to 24-concierge service, meaning that snowcat will be ready to whisk you away to home regardless of what hour you wobble back from Truckee at. This is an all-Sugar Bowl project as the resort's looking to raise some cash to build a pool, a gym, and a new ski lift.
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