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Awesome, Minimalist Dollhouse is Actually a Coffee Table

Whether it's a tree trunk, a vacuum cleaner, or a guitar, any nook or cranny these days seems ripe to stuff a dollhouse inside. So while some parents have their kids play with Arne Jacobsen miniatures, others might instead prefer Qubis Haus, a birch-plywood coffee table that doubles as a dollhouse. By adding wood and acrylic panels in various configurations, users can change the home's floorplan; they can also go to town arranging Qubis' magnetic furniture, which is tiny, minimalist, and perhaps too straight-edged and clean-lined to actually sit on in real life, of course. Next stop on this tour: futuristic cities built just for tots?

· Qubis Haus: Dual-Purpose Coffee table and Dollhouse [Design Milk]