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Seven Wacky Seats in Jean-Claude Van Damme's New Manse

Belgian action star and professional muscle-flexer/roundhouse-kicker Jean-Claude Van DammeTimecop, Bloodsport, and others—has picked up a $6M home by the water in Marina Del Rey, Calif. Scissor-kick open the door and find four stories, with a home gym, a billiards room, an elevator, a 3D theater, eight fireplaces, and, at the top of it all, a garden with fire pits, waterfalls, and a swim jet hydro spa. Now that's all great, but it's nothing—nothing—compared to the home's real treasures: the wealth of unambiguously space-agey seating options that pervade all 7,574 square feet. Above, the gargantuan mass of dark leather in the theater, otherworldly high-backed thrones in the office, plush leathery swivel chairs on the lawn, leather banquettes in the bathroom, and more. Here's hoping Van Damme bought the house fully furnished.

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