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Anybody Up to Bed Down in a Home Built Atop a Tricycle?

Remember when Chinese firm Dot Architects unveiled a tufted mobile home that was lightweight enough to lug around via tricycle? Well, turns out theirs was not the only plastic home on wheeling around the 2012 Get It Louder biennial in Beijing—People's Architecture Office (PAO) and People's Industrial Design Office (PIDO) designed the accordion-style number seen above, actually a home hoisted on a trike. What makes PAO and PIDO's creation particularly amazing is that the firms have actually made the whole set-up semi-livable, furnishing the microhome with a fold-away stove, a bathtub that's quite possibly the smallest in the world, and a very uncozy-looking bed. According to the architects, the sleeping space converts into a bench, dining table, and countertop, while the stove, sink, and bathtub all fold into the front wall of the house. It's enough to make the design a feat of tiny living to rival all micro residences that came before it, providing, of course, that there is somebody crazy enough to actually try living in it. Below, a look at the foldable furniture and a rendering of a—yep, you guessed it—tricycle home community.

Sure, it doesn't look like the most comfortable living arrangement, but still, these designs could mean big things for prettying up mobile living. After all, as Architizer points out, "It's the aesthetics of the whole enterprise that often disappoint. (Let's just say that proverbial van down by the river is not getting any cuter with each passing day.)" Now who's excited for the Portlandia sketch to come out of all this?

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