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Here Now, 27 Rooms to Wreak Havoc on Your Resolutions

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There's a reason why 97.8 percent (an official, totally science-based figure) of resolutions falter by mid-February: changing an indulgent habit is hard, particularly with images of candy-covered gingerbread houses and mulled wine fresh in one's mind. What makes it all the more insurmountable? Environments that undeniably encourage the boozy, supine lifestyles everybody attempts to toss out with the congealed holiday leftovers. Above: the worst offenders of resolution destruction, rooms of notable design that enable—nay, incite—poor life choices, from sexy murals of cigarette smokers (above) to wet bars dying to serve a cocktail to a fairly glorious display of designer shoes. Do have a look.

—Beth Rodgers Benson