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Denver Gets an Action Sports Training Facility Spring 2013

A group of young entrepreneurs will be opening an action sports training facility loaded with trampolines, skate park features, and even a ski jump into a giant airbag outside Denver next spring. The facility will go by the slightly juvenile moniker of "Progresh" and is part of a growing trend of training facilities being built especially for skiers, snowboarders, BMX'ers and skateboarders. Places like Salt Lake City's Snogression and the various Woodward facilities around the country (including one at the base of Copper Mountain) are designed to help mostly young athletes with air awareness and trick development with all kind of trampolines, foam pits, skateparks, and even skiable features and jumps thanks to various types of low-friction padding that coat ramps leading into giant foam pits, or in the case of Progresh, a giant airbag that cushions the jumper's landing.

Progresh will be Denver's first, a no-brainer considering the flood of people headed to Summit County's world-class terrain parks from the metro area every weekend. And while working adults might not find the need to work on their double-cork 1080's during the week, there's nothing like throwing a good ol' backflip when there's 1/100 the consequence of trying it on hard snow.
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