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Lego Tackles the Imperial Hotel; Vince Camuto Home; More!

EVERYWHERE—Tokyo's second Imperial Hotel, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and constructed from 1915 to 1923, is the latest offering in Lego's Architecture series. The H-shaped building, consisting of concrete and carved stone, was commissioned to replace the original wooden version; sadly, Wright's iteration was damaged in The Great Japan Earthquake of 1923 and was demolished a few decades later. Now there's a high-rise hotel on the site. [Euro Bricks via Gizmodo]

EVERYWHERE—Apparel and accessories brand Vince Camuto has launched its first collection of home decor. According to reps, Vince Camuto Home consists of "classic, refined bedding and accent pillows in sophisticated shades of lavish neutrals. Unique textures and accents create crossover in trends between home and footwear." [CurbedWire Inbox]

NYC—Manhattan's Upper East Side is homes to folks with last names like Bloomberg and Perelman, $90M mansions, and opulence like no other. So what's on the low end of this fabled neighborhood? Do check out Curbed NY's list of the area's 10 least expensive listings, which don't top $242,500. [Curbed NY]