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Architects Hatch Bonkers Plan to Print—Yes, Print—a House

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Give a Dutch architect a fish, and he'll fish for a day, teach a Dutch architect to fish, and he'll fish for a lifetime design towers stacked on top of each other, dystopian "digital colonies," and buildings one can—literally—bike up. Now, the ambitious minds at the Dutch firm Universe Architecture have teamed with Enrico Dini, inventor of D-Shape, a 3D printer that has the potential to print architectural components from "sand and a binding agent," according to Dezeen. The Landscape House, whose curvaceous renderings almost resemble the infinity symbol, would be produced in hollow 20-by-30-foot sections; these would in turn be filled with concrete and conjoined into one mass, thus creating the first fully printed house in the world. Estimated project duration? 18 months.

· Dutch architects to use 3D printer to build a house [Dezeen]