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See a Ballsy Trio Scale the Crane on Europe's Tallest Tower

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Dodging security cameras, construction workers, and police, three mildly insane Russian men recently pulled an Alain Robert and managed to climb Moscow's Mercury City Tower, Europe's tallest building. What's more? Not content to make it to the 75th floor, the trio clambered up the jutting crane at the very top of the construction project. All of this is in the icy, sleeting Moscow clime, making every step a potential slip-up and—well, it would be quite a drop. "Roof climber" Vitaliy Raskalov explains for the Web-only show Show Yourself how the group needed to elude "video cameras, motion-detectors, dozens of security guards, and a real-life anthill of Turkish construction workers" to climb Mercury City Tower's 1,213 feet. "Our lawyer did not like this idea," chimed in a co-climber. Check it out, below.

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