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Inside Ginnifer Goodwin's 'Cozy, Unpretentious' L.A. Home

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Photo via Hilary Walsh/ELLE

In this month's Elle, actress Ginnifer Goodwin opens up her unfussy, vintage-infused L.A. home to the realm of public fodder, showing off vaudeville portraits—of her own great-aunt, no less—steampunk-style finishes, an impressive Shakespeare collection, and other Old World-inspired finds, all cultivated with the help of designer Amy Kehoe. The home sits in the Hollywood Hills enclave of Whitley Heights and has a prodigious history of housing Hollywood's low-key leading ladies. Besides Goodwin—whose most recognized roles include those in He's Just Not That Into You, Walk the Line, HBO's Big Love, and (most recently) ABC's Once Upon a Time—the greenery-shrouded two-bedroom has been home to Rachel Bilson and Rose McGowan.

But back to the "cozy, unpretentious" interiors: highlights include 150-year-old blue-and-cream William Morris wallpaper in the back entryway, $900 brass wall sconces, and an oversized, tufted purple ottoman in the living room. "I want, walking in, to feel like it's the kind of place where people stop by unannounced and it's hard to get them to leave," Goodwin tells Elle. "When people come over, we make noble plans to walk to the movies or bum around Amoeba Music but end up sitting here, kibitzing all night." Check it out, above.

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