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Here Now, Stark Office Interiors—Created All From Paper

Another day, another artist turning paper into mindblowing spaces. For a series entitled "The Office," Belgian set designer Alexis Facca, AKA Paper Donut, imagined what the London headquarters of the fictitious Walter R. Cooper ad agency might look like in June 1983, using colorful paper to craft everything from the desk lamp to the wall clock to the brick walls to the imposing black file cabinet. In doing so, Facca's given the imaginary execs at "one of London's most celebrated agencies" an eerily pristine, clean-lined habitat, one they'd certainly be afraid to dirty up. The project calls to mind an actual office in The Netherlands that's actually made from paper—well, OK, cardboard—and, in a far-fetched, '80s kind of way, those sleek, minimalist tech headquarters springing up in and around San Francisco. Anyway, another shot from this "paper art and space scenography" expert, below.

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