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Not Your Sugar Mamas Certified Organic; Biere de Mars; More!

WEST TISBURY - Not Your Sugar Mamas, the Vineyard-based chocolate company, is officially certified USDA organic. What's that mean, exactly? "It means that we've had a third party certification company (Baystate Organic Certifiers) inspect our company to ensure that we are we are abiding by all organic policies." [Curbed Inbox via Not Your Sugar Mamas]
HYANNIS - Cape Cod Beer is brewing a limited edition Biere de Mars, a seasonal farmhouse ale from Northern France. The beer is named for artist Joey Mars and related to a Belgian saison style. "Mars created the label art for the 750 ml bottle of beer named for him. Biere de Mars will be released with a reception and art show on Monday, Feb. 11, at the brewery in Hyannis from 5 to 7pm." [Falmouth Patch]
CAPE & ISLANDS - Today is National Pie Day! Check out our map from August, The Ultimate Guide To Lobster Pie On The Cape And Islands, for a local, lobstery fix. [Cubed Cape Cod]