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One Way to Bring Life to Abandoned Houses: Nude Photos

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People have done all sorts of things with abandoned and/or foreclosed homes—college students have turned them into party pads, entrepreneurs have turned them into pot farms, and Detroit Mayor Dave Bing has turned them into a citywide redevelopment initiative. Australian photographer Jana Maré, on the other hand, used one such blighted structure as the set for her newest body of work. Amid the ruins of peeling wallpaper, torn-up floor boards, and piles of rubble, Maré presents herself as pristine, almost clay like; she writes, "to appear sculptural and at times lifeless—makes me feel alive, especially inside forbidden environments with limited time to photograph." One more fairly suitable-for-work shot below; additional photos on her official site.

· Jana Maré in Ruins of a Home [Beautiful/Decay via Flavorwire]
· Jana Maré [official site]