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Zany Furniture Store Brags Trapeze School, 25M Jelly Beans

For all those who think walking the fluorescent, Swedish prose-filled halls of Ikea is an experience akin to traversing Disneyland, allow Laughing Squid to present a Massachusetts furniture store that's nuttier and more fantastical than any and all Ikea stores—yes, even those with holding pens for men. Jordan's Furniture, in Reading, sells beige armchairs and mattresses and stuff, but, more importantly, the Boston-themed store brags a trapeze school, a "liquid fireworks" water show, an ice cream shop, an IMAX theater, and sculptures and structures made out of a total of 25M jelly beans, a not-so-subtle nod to Boston's "Beantown" moniker. Above is an overview shot of the downstairs warehouse, which contains a 40-foot sundae covered in some 4M jelly beans, the trapeze set-up that lets participants fly off a replica of the Lenny Zakim bridge, and a bit of Wally The Green Monster, who has a helpless Yankees player in its clutches. Another shot, below.

? Fenway Park's mascot dangles a Yankees player over the escalators. Per Laughing Squid: "Wally is hungry, ready to enjoy a pinstriped snack."

? A replica of the children's book Make Way for Ducklings, rendered in (of course) jelly beans. More shots, including those of the water show, trapeze school, and, uh, actual (boring) furniture, are over at Laughing Squid.

· Jordan's Furniture Store in Reading, MA Houses an IMAX Theater, Trapeze School & Lots More [Laughing Squid]