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Reconstruct the Eames House, One Toy Block at a Time

Left: Eames House via Eames Designs. Right: Eames House Blocks via Neato Shop

Calling all parents who really care about the chic-ness of their children's toys: here's a set of wooden alphabet blocks—Legos?Passépainted to look like the Eames House, the landmark midcentury home in California's Pacific Palisades created by Charles and Ray Eames, design luminaries probably most well known for their lounges and molded plastic chairs. For the low, low price of $149.95, tots will get 36 alphabet blocks—20 for the house, 16 for the studio—all painted by hand and crafted out of sustainable Michigan basswood. It's enough adult-oriented kid fun to give the minimalist coffee table-turned-dollhouse a run for its modernist toy money. Shop here.

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