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Tiny Jackson Hole Condo Gets You Skiing For $225K

It may be tiny. Like 500 square feet tiny. Like 0-bedrooms-and-Murphy-bed-only tiny. But hey! For under a quarter of a million bucks within walking distance of the Jackson Hole tram, who can complain? This would be a great bachelor pad to drop into for the long weekend when it dumps if you're coming from out of town, or for dedicated skiers and riders who want to live the dream permanently but are doing so on a tiny budget. That said, any property within spitting distance of one of North America's favorite mountains is without a doubt going to appreciate in the long run, and would make a decent short-term rental in the near term. Plus, when you tell tourists in the Mangy Moose that "I live here," will you really need to get more specific than that?
· 3670 West Michael Drive, #E-11, Teton Village, WY 83025, US [Peak Property Investments]