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Inner 9-Year-Olds Rejoice: Inside America's First Lego Hotel

Photo via legolandca/Flickr

Legoland, the place where wide-eyed, youthful Lego lovers and the occasional adult devotee go to size up giant Lego sculptures and peer into sprawling Lego cities, is expanding its footprint into the realm of over-night stays. Come April 5, the California Lego Resort will swing open its doors, revealing 250 rooms bedecked in primary colors and outfitted according to themes like ancient Egypt, pirates, and medieval knighthood. Above: a look at some of the "premium" rooms, where Lego owls lurk in corners, Lego ladybugs crawl up the walls, and Lego parrots oversee all the goings-on. It's all undoubtedly made for the 10 and under crowd—bunk beds!—but, no worries, there are still plenty of stunning Lego structures for grown-ups out there. Next up: the world's tallest Lego tower?

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