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The Ultimate X Games Drinking Game

There's a lot of X Games to watch this weekend, with all of sorts of insane people flying through the air on skis, snowboards, and snowmobiles, and every primetime TV event needs its own drinking game. Luckily the Lick The Cat snowboard crew has come up with a pretty good one here, with actions broken down in their action sports significance by gulps, shots, and shotguns. While some of these might be a little inside for most readers ("skier afterbang," "Zach Leach-style grinds"), there are plenty of more general ones anyone who mildly understands what's going on on screen will be able to figure out. Except to make most of your consumption happen when ESPN employs their signature slow-motion replay, "MegaMo." If you end up too hungover to ski, just blame Shaun White!
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